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Teaneer Handcrafted Oolong Tea

25Grams - Handcrafted and sun-dried Oolong Tea

350.00 / Piece

Brand Teaneer

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Added On 05-Apr-2018

Updated On 13-May-2018

As per quality production standards Oolong Tea, is a variety which is processsed in such a manner that the oxidation level in the made tea will be anywhere between 40% to 70%. The flavour profile will be something in between a Green tea and a fully oxidised black tea. Also the harvest will be done along with the 3rd leaf as well , however the last leaf will be removed midway in the process where only the budset will be packed after final drying.
Oolong is a tea masters delight as the making process itself involves a lot of creativity and no two batches of Oolong even if done by the same tea maser will taste the same. The oxidation which gradually happens is artfully controlled by the tea maker , it involves a lot of effort as every 4 hours the batch has to be turned and shaked according to the way the leaves are reacting as well as the tea masters intuition which guides him in the process.The oolong could be observed in the wet leaves after brewing to see the pattern in which the oxidation is set in some areas of the leaves , however not all over the leaves as in a black tea. Variations could be done during the drying stage also where some oolongs are intentionally smoked to attain a smoky/burnt flavour which many tea lovers like. Lot many tea masters will attempt innovations or their unique styles in rolling or shaping of the leaves too.
Health Benefits:
Health Benefits:
- The optimal distribution of the antioxidants and flavonoid components of tea is mainly found in the Apical Bud and the first 2 leaves. The more mature leaves does not carry much of these healthy nutrients. Whole leaf teaneer brings you the most healthiest tea as our pack consist only of these imperial pluck.
- Theanine is a unique component in its natual form found only in Tea. Theanine is a natural stress reliever and a caffeine regulator. Due to its combined effects with caffeine it provides you a with wakeful alertness for a long time in times of high stress work.

Brewing Instructions
Tea brewing is a very individualistic experience, there is tea to everyones palete and we encourage you to explore your unique brew by varying the temperature and timings, however the below guidelines can get you started if you are new to teaneer.
- Teaneer is as good as the water you use to brew, soft water without any added chlorine
- Bring water to an initial bubble boil on a stove and immediately stop (approx 75 Celcius / 165 Fahrenheit) and allow it to cool ( approx 70 Celcius / 155 Fahrenheit)
- In a brewing vessel take about 3 grams of teaneer Oolong leaves and spread it on the bottom.
- Pour the hot water prepared earlier over the leaves and allow it to steep for 3 Minutes
- Strain the brewed tea onto serving cups or other container (Completely drain the water in the brewer)
- After the first brew the teaneer leaves has just opened up and it can be brewed a couple more times with adding water with the same temperature as initially used in your first brew.
Tasting Notes:
- Though a lot of complex taste and flavour notes be observed according to the processing season, you can find a hint of Lemongrass, jasmine like sweetness smaell and a nutty caramelised like after taste which develops gradually and lingers in your throat for a long time. We recommend you to brew our teaneer minimum 3 times with the same leaves as lots of flavours open up in the second and third brew.
- Oolong offers the same amount of delight for the tea connoisseur as it offers the maker during the processing. Very complex and inexplicable flavors start emanating brew after brew and its a true delight in itself to savor each sip and trying to register all the observed flavors.